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"We Can Paint or Stain To Match Your Color of Choice and Decor"

A Wide Selection of…

  • Hutches
  • Armoires
  • Accent Tables
  • Chest/Dressers
  • Bookcases
  • Headboards
  • Computer Desks
  • and Much More!


Create beautiful home furnishings! Most unfinished furniture is fine furniture constructed of solid wood. Solid wood means that all exposed parts of the furniture are made of solid board, either softwood or hardwood lumber. No particle board, sawdust or glue is used and solid wood lasts forever. Solid woods can be repaired, sanded, or refinished. The majority of unfinished furniture is made of solid wood. Wood has many advantages over particle board and chip board, which are predominant in the finished furniture industry. Wood expands and contracts depending on the humidity in the air. When constructed well, the natural expansion or contraction will cause no change in the item’s structural integrity. Finished furniture is typically a mix of real wood and particle board. As particle board does not expand and contract, but the wood does, the joints will eventually break from each other.

Product Knowledge

When a piece is unfinished, you can see what you are getting. Does the wood have knots, discoloration, obvious weak points or other defects? With finished furniture, you would not know until your new item began to fall apart. Unfinished manufacturers must use a higher grade lumber in furniture production, because they can not “hide” such defects under a finish.


Purchasing a piece and finishing it yourself is less costly than purchasing a comparable, already finished piece of furniture. Your money buys you the best value for the dollar!


You can purchase a single piece or an entire room. You can customize the finish and colors to match your décor. You can be creative, from a simple wood stain and varnish to a more elaborate stenciled or distressed finish. Stain it, paint it, make it yours!


Finishing furniture can be a very enjoyable and relaxing hobby. It is easy to do. Just follow the fun filled step by step instruction sheet we provide with every purchase. We are only a phone call away for questions or bring it in and we can help you create your custom look. There is a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that comes with finishing your own furniture.